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You look absolutely gorgeous in your cameo at the end of that party video.

aw thanks x ;}



I woke up a early and had nothing to do, so I threw this together with some video I took last nights wrap party. I’m still tired.

(I apologize for the shitty quality, god damn auto focus doesn’t focus very well, I didn’t color correct and this isn’t the whole video, this is just what I put so far.)

Wrap is a phrase used by the director in the early days of the film industry to signal the end of filming. Nowadays, the call is more commonly “that’s a wrap!”

I want to thank newyorkeverything for letting us have the wrap party at his place.

(Shout out to thebightymoosh)

last day of the shoot




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Florian Mueller: Nimbus

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[bottom left gif; Brendon singing Your Body is a Wonderland]

We got the afternoon,
You got this room for two,
One thing I’ve left to do, 
Discover me, I’ll be fucking this dude.

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